American College of Afghanistan

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American College of Afghanistan is putting forth an UN MBA educational programs instructed by world-class, universally qualified instructors with involvement in worldwide business

Up until now, more than 200 characters have moved on from this program, who work in the positions of private and administrative associations.
Afghanistan American College with the MBA program will give you the chance to consider in the Worldwide MBA class of the Assembled Countries Program, without quitting your

employment or leave your nation. What’s more, it offers the chance to culminate and enhance your aptitude set enabling you to hone the Learning.

Program in your day by day errands

in the work environment. A top-level official This prestigious grounds offered at the American College of Afghanistan additionally offers MBA understudies the chance to take after the

UN Program’s discretionary half-yearly MBA fixation The American College of Afghanistan gives careful consideration to keeping up an educational modules Excellent offered no matter

what and give a chance To understudies to encounter an enhanced MBA program, with a fundamental educational programs showed program, understudies are presented to genuine

difficulties in the business condition by giving Harvard Business Cases to additionally enhance their systematic aptitudes and critical thinking logically, in the general educational

programs that is instructed in the MBA of the American College of Afghanistan, we are pleased to add to society.

American College of Afghanistan this furnishes understudies with a special chance to utilize their business abilities MBA American College of Afghanistan a coordinator, make and deal

with a variant to roll out social improvement. Social Enterprise Grant challenges understudies to utilize the abilities and information picked up from the American College MBA program

in Afghanistan to make a reasonable business answer for a squeezing UN social issue in Afghanistan.

This $ 80,000 honor will be introduced every year by a lady and a male MBA

understudy who built up the UN’s extraordinary business bolster get ready for another business and social wander, displayed the work of an uncommon, unique MBA graduate

program, We likewise offer our understudies an assortment of gastronomic and social sustenance in our nation, appreciate a PC room and an extensive grounds where they can be

physically dynamic, we offer our most exceptional understudies a grant that covers all their MBA costs at American College of Afghanistan.


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